Tuesday, September 17, 2013

College Foxes Leave Botany

Fox leaving his den under the
 Botany Hut early morning
We are delighted that the temporary portacabins opposite the Botany Building are about to be demolished after over 40 years of use by generations of plant scientists to be replaced with a wonderful new open green space. The Botany Huts, as they are known, also housed the Electron Microscopy Unit in the early days and also for a short period the Environmental Sciences Unit, now the Centre for the Environment. More importantly they have been the home for numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as our extensive growth cabinets. Our students have been moved into fantastic new labs and offices in the Biotechnology Building. The Botany Huts have also been the home for several generations of foxes. Interestingly they seem to know that their home is about to be demolished and have moved to a new location on campus behind the Luce Hall, so hopefully they will enjoy the new green space as much as the rest of us.

The early shift outside the Botany Building

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