Friday, November 15, 2013

Lack of Plant Scientists at critical level in US

Charlotte Darling, who currently works with the 
Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming,
In a major article in US News the problem of the lack of fully trained botanists and  the impact that this will have in so many areas from agriculture and forestry to biofuel production is explored.  The lack of plant scientists will severely hamper our ability to tackle global warming and adapt to climate change.  What is clear is that we need to further develop and invest in Plant Sciences as an academic subject  in order to be able to cover all the important areas it underpins and develop the research based solutions that we need for food, fuel and climate security.   The article explains that the current trend is to make Plant Science a minor subject in larger and less specialized biological sciences courses which seems crazy if Governments and universities  take these issues seriously.  For us to train the very best plant scientists they need to be part of research led botany departments and for that to happen universities have to wise up about future priorities and quickly.


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