Friday, January 9, 2015

Professor Daniel Kelly Retires

Over the past months the Department of Botany at Trinity College has been celebrating the work and contribution to College of Professor Daniel Kelly who has recently retired.  As young as ever, it is hard to believe that Daniel has been a lecturer in Botany for 35 years.  In some respects Trinity and Daniel are inseparable.  He attended the Department as an undergraduate achieving scholarship in 1968 and graduating in 1970.  After a PhD he moved to Jamaica as a lecturer at the University of the West Indies returning to Trinity as a lecturer in 1979.  He is a plant ecologist of the highest calibre and has fascinated and inspired innumerable students and staff (myself included).  I shall always remember seeing a crowd of botany students with hand lenses examining his car which seemed to be the home of an embarrassing large number of mosses and lichens. Daniel’s expertise covers the entire range of plants but in particular trees and of course mosses and liverworts.  He is an exceptional scientist and a very generous person who is always willing to help and advise students, so we are all delighted that he will continue his research in the Department and continue to be such an inspirational presence for all of us.
Details of the symposium held in his honour can be found at:
Post: Nick Gray

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