Friday, June 5, 2015

TCD Botany Launches Citizen Science Project: Count Flowers for Bees

Dr Eileen Power, a researcher based in Botany at Trinity College Dublin is creating a flower map of Ireland to help conserve pollinators. This will involve sampling as many locations in Ireland at different times of the year to gauge the species and density of flower plants that are to be found.  This is a massive undertaking and while Eileen is carrying out surveys of her own she has created an online resource to encourage people from around Ireland to help her get as a complete map as possible.

The Citizen Science Project is asking everyone who has either a camera or smartphone to take some photos of flowers while out walking and upload them to her Flickr Group Page Count Flowers for Bees:

In order to identify which  habitats provide the best food for pollinators she needs you to follow the following rules:

  1. Take a photo of roughly a 1 metre squared patch of ground or hedgerow
  2. Take 1 photo every 10 metres until you have 10 photos. One metre is equivalent to one long stride.
  3. Upload photos to Flickr 
  4. Tag the photos FLOWERMAP 
  5. Say where you took photos. You can click 'add to map' in your personal photostream.
  6. Add the photos to this group
Remember only to take images from Ireland.  So please take part in this important research project.

Posted: Nick Gray

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TCD joins the World Flora Online Consortium

Professor Fraser Mitchell, Head of the School of Natural Sciences and also member of the Botany team at Trinity College Dublin, has signed a memorandum of understanding on behalf  of Botany’s world famous herbarium with the consortium who are undertaking the enormous task of preparing a World Flora Online.

This international project links together the top Systematics Institutions in the World. All are working within the UN Convention on Global Biodiversity to produce 'An online Flora of all known plants' by 2020. The consortium is formed via invitation only and the TCD herbarium is the only Irish member of the consortium and one of only 26 members Worldwide. It joins overseas institutes such as, for example, the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Professor John Parnell who is Director of the Herbarium will represent TCD on the Council of the World Flora Online Consortium.

Posted: Nick Gray