Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New coffee family species (Sommera cusocoana) from north-western Honduras

TCD botanists Daniel Kelly and Anke Dietzch have discovered and name new coffee family species (Sommera cusocoana) from north-western Honduras. It is considered to be critically endangered.  As shown in the image it has been described as a gorgeous tree with cherry-like fruits  about 10 metres (33 ft) high and covered with cream-colored flowers.

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Full details:
Lorence DH, Dietzsch AC, Kelly DL (2015) Sommera cusucoana, a new species of Rubiaceaefrom Honduras. PhytoKeys 57: 1-9. doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.57.5339

Trevor Hodkinson

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Botany welcomes public as part of Discover Research Dublin

On Friday 25th September, as part of Discover Research Dublin, Botany welcomed the curious, both young and old, to an open evening to interact with and participate in some of the research currently on-going in the Department. The event ‘Saving the World’ introduced people to bees and pond beasties and showed people what happens in a herbarium and how a wetland works. We had honey tastings, mead, cider, cake and cocktails and we played some ecosystem jenga! We also encouraged everyone to become pollinator-friendly gardeners and citizen scientists.

Links featuring TCD Plant Scientists:
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 Dr Eileen Power

Friday, October 16, 2015

World Food Day - One good reason for being a Plant Scientist

Today is World Food Day

 About 795 million people are undernourished globally, down 167 million over the last decade, and 216 million less than in 1990–92. The decline is more pronounced in developing regions, despite significant population growth. In recent years, progress has been hindered by slower and less inclusive economic growth as well as political instability in some developing regions, such as Central Africa and western Asia.

Read more in the latest FAO Report The State of Food Insecurity in the World

Find out more about World Food Day Here

Posted : Nick Gray

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It is possible to live a zero-waste lifestyle

It is not easy living sustainably but one of my personal hero’s, Lauren Singer, does just that…right in the centre of New York.  This video is by Alessandra Potenza who has made this video for The New York Times Upfront (issue Oct. 12th 2015).  I have tried but just  can't get anywhere near her fantastic achievement.